My radio station is not showing up in the public directory

Here's what to do when your station does not show up in the directory.


Ensure you've filled out all required fields

To be listed on the Shoutcast directory you must have a number of fields accurately filled out. To get started, log in to Centova Cast.

  1. Select Configure Server or Settings in the sidebar.
  2. On the first tab called "Stream" ensure that the Title, Email Address, Company/Organization and Website/URL are all filled out accurately.
  3. Switch to the AutoDJ tab (if using AutoDJ) and ensure your Genre is specified accurately.


Configure as a Public Station - Centova v3


Part 1: Enable Public Stream

  1. Login to Centova Cast.
  2. Select "Settings" in the sidebar under "Configuration"
  3. Choose the "Server Overrides" tab
  4. Beside "Public Server", ensure this is set to Always.


Part 2: Configure Details / UVOX Cipher


To obtain a unique authentication key you must have a source (such as your live stream or AutoDJ) correctly connected so the stream. Once you have a source connected and successfully streaming, proceed with the following steps within Centova:

  1. Look for the admin password and make note of it.
  2. In Centova's admin sidebar on the left, under Server, click Admin to load the Shoutcast panel in a new tab.
  3. Click the Administrator Login link in the upper right corner and enter 'admin' as the username and the password shown in the Client Centre.
  4. Under the currently active stream that you wish to make public, click the "Create Authhash" link.
  5. Fill in all details as requested, then click the "Create Authhash" button
  6. Close the Shoutcast admin tab and in your Centova tab, click on Settings (under Configuration) again, even if settings are already showing.
  7. Go to the Advanced tab and ensure that the "UVOX cipher key" is set.
  8. Click the Update button to update all settings and be sure to restart your stream as described below.


Configure as a Public Station - Centova v2


By default, your station will be set up as a private station. To change this, completing the following steps:

  1. Login to the Centova Cast.
  2. Select "Configure Server" in the sidebar
  3. Choose the "Server Overrides" tab
  4. Beside "Public Server", ensure this is set to Automatic or Always. If it's set to Automatic, ensure that the software you're using to stream from your computer is set to make it a public stream. If you have no such option, please set this option to "Always"


Restart the Stream


Once you've completed any of the above steps, make sure that you have restarted the stream in order for the changes to take effect. In Centova, choose "Restart Server" in the lower-left corner. The reload option may not work, so be sure to choose restart.

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