Advance Payment Policy

On using our service at point of order you have the choice to select the following to our question "  " The default answer is yes you may also select no which will lead to cancellation of your account and a refund via the payment method a payment was provided by.

Our policy is advance payment for all services at all times. There is no exception from this policy we do not provide credit or extentions on accounts at all which is effective the 1st Jan 2021.

Invoices post the 15th Jan 2021 will have this rule applied.

Please do not ask for credit as refusal often affends.

If payment is not made by the due date you will also need to read our policy titled " I am aware of your cancellation policy and non payment will lead to debt collections and I will be charged for this "

Your contract of service is with trading as Lens Networks

Lens Networks

#544 Quarters, Ngleshie Amanfro,
Kasoa, Ghana.
Ghana GPS: GS-0748-8550

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