Cancellation and Non Payment Policy

On sign up and in ordering your service you will require to agree to this policy "I am aware of your cancellation policy and non payment will lead to debt collections and I will be charged for this"

All cancellations must be made 24 hours before the due date of the invoice for the service you wish to cancel through our website at Cancellations made on the due date are still chargable and due for payment in full.

Our advance payments policy to which you also agreed to in signing up for a service at point of order is also connected to this policy. You have the option of picking yes or no to the following question "I am aware of your cancellation policy and non payment will lead to debt collections and I will be charged for this" if You pick No your order will be cancelled and your payment method refunded.

Non Payment Our rights.

You agree to pay in advance for all services, non payment does not a form of cancellation.

You agree to provice all cancellations notices the day before your due billing date. ( Time zone that will apply will be UK Time London ) BST or GMT.

If you fail to pay your account you agree to the following.

a) Late payment fee is applied the night the account becomes overdue this at 20% of the invoice total.

b) We will suspend your service the 1 day after the account becomes over due.

c) We will charge you a disconnection fee of $2.00 per service that is disconnected/suspended.

d) If after 3 days the account has not been paid we will then under this agreement start to process your account cancellation under the non payment provisions made in this agreement.

1) You will remain libel for the amount due plus all fees as stated above.

2) You will become libel for any collection/court fees that are incured and any legal fees that will be posted to your account.

3) Your account will default on the closing date of the account. As you have agreed to advance billing no 30 days notice of invoice is required.

4) All your data can be removed from our systems at this point. You are libel to maintain your own backup of anything important. We accept no accountability as per this agreement.

5) This agreement is made between you and and is enforceable in the Courts of England / Wales.

5a) If you are outside this area you then agree to the courts of your land and any extra charges incured will be posted to your account.

5b) If you dispute these terms you are in breach of our terms of service and are grounds for cancellation without notice.

6) Any costs incured with managing your account will be posted to your account.

7) Sale of account we can at our option sell your account for collection to another party. Who will take over our rights and these terms will continue to apply under that party.

8) Your order is logged and recorded with this agreement marked as yes along with a public IP which is used to verify your location when you order.

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